Friday, July 23, 2004

I am here sitting in a different location typing to you viewers who have been deprived of my famous B logs.
I would like to apologize right now to everyone, I know this is my 7th apology in this series of B logs, but living the life of a 17 year old can get pretty busy. Especially when your working at a nursery and trying to start your own business.
I know some of you are like, I thought this kid was 17, but I have learned enough and am young enough to do the hard work around gardens. My partner and I basically do the bitch (not referring to women in anyway so don't take offence)  work that most people are to lazy to do. Bret ( my partner) and I are also doing alitle designing, we are 2 young men, but we have the eye for that kind of stuff. Trust me I like women, actually only one female, but you have the idea. Anyways, are business is called B squared, and we do anything from removing flowers and shrubs, to planting, to designing. It is a lot of work, but I plan on making this business very successful, broadcasting is still in my future though.
So much has happened since my last B log. My brother got married and had an amazing wedding, that everyone enjoyed. As like everything in the Lawrence family, there was one trama, Scott lost the ring, and when I mean lost the ring, HE LOST THE RING. It was not left in a pocket, or on a table, it was in the grass under some piece of paper or something that we had used to decorate chrises jeep.
Scott found it, and everything went back to normal, and it was even forgotten about, as people stumbled away to there cars. It was a great wedding, and gave us much memories, such as "THE LAWRENCE BOYS" (best in the business I must have to say) got up on the stage and continued to dance in front of everyone, what a fucking picture that is. Probably the 4 greatest men (im almost a man cut me some slack) you will ever see dancing together on a stage. We all remember the speeches, and Marys dad saying, "the good news is theres no bad news, and the bad news is theres no good news". The whole thing was just so amazing. Im so glad to finaly meat all the Moyer family, and have a chance for all family and friends to be together. It was a blast.
AND....... Because of it, im now finally dating that beautiful date of mine, Katie D Kingston. She was hot wasn't she? Chris said, weddings soften a girl up, and I was like nothing can make this girl like me, I have tried for 7 months, but then on the basketball court (symbolic) she leaned in and kissed me, and from then on its been smooth sailing, except for all the trouble I get in with her, or the times she yells at me, but hey Lawrence men have been dealing with that for years, I can not break the chain now.
Well that is all for my B log right now, I am on vacation, and im here at Scotts house for the first night. Have a good summer everyone.
Oh and shout out to Susan, glad I finally met you. #1 fan of mine.
Im out.
B to the Law

I miss you chirs and mary a lot a lot. See you guys soon.


Sunday, May 16, 2004

It's time for a new B log.

there's a subject I skip everytime I go to write a B log. I know people will read it, so I leave it out. Now, I really could care less at this point.

What do you do, when you have fallen in love with your best friend. You chill with her every night, do countless things for her, jump right up when she asks you to take her places, but you don't get the same type of love. My strategy was to wait around, maybe she will realize, so for futher advise to you men, that does not work. It is just hard because she's my best friend, and of course you could read this situation in a teen book, I fall for her. So, last week I was told there were other feelings involved..... Lie ........ And that there could be something..... also lie. So that leaves me in love, doing everything, for someone who doesn't ever want anything. Sound fun? From now on, it is strictly best friends, no getting jealous, no skipping out on everything I have to do. It sucks, cause it was a lot of fun. It was like having a girlfriend, but it got old, the whole me being everything, wanting more but cant have it type of thing.

Im out, just thought I would type down some feelings, so all of you could remember how gay high school was. If not you lucky.


Tuesday, May 04, 2004

My family is about to official get bigger.

In about 25 days my brother, 2nd dad, mentor, consoler, teacher, and Best Friend, will be getting married to Mary Moyer. A perfect match. In GA GA language, a "match made in heaven".

He went away for college when I was about 3 years old. I remember the drive to Bradley University, and the dorms, but not the goodbyes. Probably because I either chose to forget them or because I was to young to understand exactly what was going on. I have been told that I was crying and held my arms out when we left. Pretty sad huh?

Through out life, me and Chris have been distant, mostly through my younger age. We have been also very close, and there have been times where you could have put us in a ring, and rang the bell with Official Mills Lane screaming "lets get it on". He's been a big part of my life. He is the one that recommended I play Basketball, although I was never a favorite and never made the team. It has brought me to a new love. Announcing. When I was younger, he influenced my type of music. He made me a Tape with a picture of me in my Halloween costume. The only 2 songs I remember were Beat On The Brat, and When I Come Around. I remember Jim being there, and laughing at me because I was dancing around to the songs on my bed. I have now changed my taste in music but he is still influencing my taste of rap. I would have never started reading a lot if it was not for the greatest book of all time, "10th Grade". Although I rant and rave about how much I wish he would stop lecturing me on school and life and how immature I am, if it was not for him who would do it. No one can push my buttons quite like him, but you know what? He has taught me more then school ever did and ever will.

The Lawrence family is a little different then a lot of the American family's. At times it felt/feels like I am an only child. At other times, I feel like im part of a monster family. I watch a lot of home movies and look at pictures, because I tend not to rememeber what it was like to have a 5 person family living in one house. Dealing with 2 older brothers. I wish I could remember the lectures they got from my mom and dad. Even though I've been through enough of them to have my grandkids lecture free. I remember little things, like my room, furniture, chrises room, and the death of Jesse. Watching home videos makes me miss the old times, but also look forward to times to come.

All through out my life I have been very jealous of the people who spend more time with my brothers then I do. Mostly Susan and Mary. Im not implying that I dislike them, or wish that they were not part of this family. Because I love them and they have made the Lawrence family grow. I have just always wished for old times, or brotherly time, I think that will come future on in life as I mature and become an adult.

I want to congratulate Chris, im very happy for you, and would like to give an extra thanks to him one of the most important guy in my life. Out of all people you understand me the most.

B law


Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Winslow or Taylor?

A lot of talk came down till 7 minutes left of the 15 minutes the redskins had with the 5th pick. Would they trade down for 2 picks, picking up a WR and DE. Would they pull a redskin, and take another brick hand, or maybe not even have a first round pick by the time it was over. They ended up going with Sean Taylor, who is the man I wanted. Now, dumb friends, or FRIEND, argue with me that Winslow is going to be a top3 TE in the league. Lets think about this, I bet you can name more top saftys in the league then TEs, maybe cause a TE can be a 6th round star, or an undrafted free agent, top saftys, are High picks, or wondermen. Winslow had 1 TD last year with a team that has lost 3 games in 3 years. 1 TD is not 6th pick caliber. Now 10 interceptions is. I have seen how Roy Williams, single handedly beat the skins. I WANT ONE OF THOSE PLAYERS GOD DAMNIT.

Everyone Redskin fan is the same, besides a selected few from god. The Lawrences are some true fans let me tell you. Other season ticket holders, aka bullshit fans, get ALL excited about the season, run there mouths about superbowls, play offs, probowlers. I was like 10 the last time the Redskins made the playoffs. SHUT THE FUCK UP. We would win the superbowl every year if it came down to who has switched there head coach the most, or who has had the most defensive systems in 6 years, or even the best team during the free agent market. GUESS WHAT, we suck every year. The fun and gun blew bigger balls then Shaqs. Trotter was a bust, and if you wanna go way back, STUBBLEFIELD or whatever that bastards name was. CALM DOWN REDSKINS FANS. Don't pencil us in as winning yet PLEASE, for the first time in 10 years. Yes Gibbs is back, yes we got Portis and brunell, we pick up key guys. It all matters come September. Stop giving us amazing Skin fans a bad name. And if you are a season ticket holder, don't leave at the end of a a game cause we are losing, you fucking fair weather fans. Go to the games just cause you can, could you imagine what my family would do to have season tickets...........

Enough about football, LETS GO NUGGETS. Life revolves around sports,it's like the gas in my tank. A religion, belief, inspiration. Whatever you want to consider it. I LOVE SPORTS.

Im sorry for all you known sports fans, who probably just sat through the most boring B log ever, if you even finished it.

Song of the night is Sorry Ms Jackson...... Old Outkast.

Speaking of Outkast. Out Cast was good when they were outcasts. When they wrote songs to write songs, performed for the love of rap. But then all of a sudden, they changed, flashed, like the speed of light. All of a sudden Andre 30948309485034 (whatever the fuck his homo name is) is all pop and fake me out funk. Sure its catchy, but that's not out cast. Big boy, is singing with this d bag that has no talent, that basically took Andre's part in all of the songs. Oh lets make a solo album so we can sell some records. WHERE'S BOMBS OVER BAGDAD, OR ROSA PARKS. Quite the bull shit, how rappers just sell out to rap, jay z nelly, and now outkast. I used top be a fan, and now all I want to do is write you hate mail!




Monday, April 26, 2004

It has been brought to my attention, that I need to step these B logs up.

First I would like to give a shout out to the family of Pat Tillman. I would also like to add, that people are dyeing everyday, and a lot of other men joined the army to serve for this country. Im not saying that the death of Tillman is not sad, or is not tragic. I just feel that every name, every family, should get this much press. Tillman was a great man, and few men would trade in millions of dollars to risk there life for this country. But a life is a life, a death is a death. Although he was special, so was the kid who joined the army cause he dropped out of high school.

The draft is a scary, very intimidating process. I know as a 17 year old, im definitely not ready to be shipped to basic training, and given a gun, and told to go fight. Its pretty frightening, I don't really have much to say on it, cause I don't know much about it. Just want to throw it out there for discussion.

Chris and I had a talk, about how my last B log made it seem like I didn't do much with life. I do not want everyone to think that. I don't just go to school work, and rub katies feet. It was catchy title, and fun think to write about, I've come to realize it was a failure to all public. I do read, I read a lot actually. It might have taken Chris a lot of ass whippings, but I love to read now. In the morning, I only read about the Redskins cause that's what I have time for. I read all sorts of books, and articles, shit on line, blogs. I don't just sit at katies and do nothing, I don't just sit at home and do nothing. So I just wanted to let everyone know, that im not some bum who does nothing with my days. Its just that recently, my days have been pretty predictable, its time to spice up life, maybe open some books according to Chris.

Keep in touch, thanks Dan for responding, by the way, orioles are kicking ass, but I told you in the summer I would not be a fan, so I can;t talk shit for them now.

And suck a dick, the first nelly CD was amazing, and I there's a sentiment's side to me, Elton John is a pimp.

Song of the night. Girls by D-12



Sunday, April 25, 2004

School, Working, Rubbing Katies feet is pretty much the make up of my life recently........

I wake up every morning, battle my mom for that extra minute of sleep that can change a day. I get up
wobble around my room, debating on what to wear and how to match for the day. I walk into the bathroom, brush my teeth, make sure I have all the books for school that I will probably not use. Speaking of which, I haven't seen my chem book since September 5th. Thank god I have had 4 teachers, and my new teacher doesn't even think we have books. Last class he compared something in chemistry to a man in jail being allowed to have sex with his wife 3 times a year. ???????? Don't ask me what he was comparing it to, cause I was not paying attention till I heard, Man in jail, sex with wife, and I spoke out, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT MR DEAN? I told him he was the hornyest teacher I have ever met. All he did was laugh, but I wasn't joking. I then left class to get a breather.. HAHA aka roam the halls. So anyways, I go downstairs for the priceless 10 minutes I spend with my family. My dad reading the paper, my mom talking to him, I don't really know if he is listening or to intent in only reading headlines to articles in the paper, and me reading ONLY redskin news or seeing how many points Carmelo had, getting candy for school saying bye to my loving parents, then off to school I go to get the closet parking space. I arrive at school with 30 minutes to spare. Sitting at my locker, and sitting at my locker is all I really do. Listen into conversations about how party's were busted or who had sex with 4 different people the past night. My best friends usually show up a little later then me, so we talk dreading the first 10 minute bell, knowing that in 10 minutes hell begins again. Its about 10 minutes till class when everyone busts out every binder and every book to get all the homework they have done for school, and frighteningly it gets done. The 5 minute bell rings, and that's when everyone but my group makes there way to class. We choose the bell to get into class as the mark to go ahead and start walking to class. My first period class is History, and he allows us to come late, as long as we are there before the moment of silence, so me and jamal sprint. The day goes on, and I usually enjoy one class of the day, whether its English or Spanish, sometimes Math depending on if she is Satan or not for the day. I end the day, and am all excited. But on Tuesdays wensday and Fridays, the excitement lasts until my dumbass remembers I work in 50 minutes. My group is usually the last to leave school because we are so lazy and talking. I rush home so I can spend those 30 minutes getting online, or making my self a slurpee with the new "MAGIC BULLET" my mom bought of the infomercial. I put on my green Burke Nursery shirt and truck to work not happy, but knowing that ill make money, so not to bad. I talk to all the "amigos" the Spanish workers. Usually they address me with a "HEY HOMEYYY" and then they ask me, im putting this is nicer terms, did you get with a girl today? I answer them yes everything, and they get all excited, and I finely end the conversation with, Me gusta grade chichis! Something special my brothers thought me long ago. I work the loading dock, make a couple tips, that usually go to dinner or sodas or something. Towards the end, I move my way inside cause all the bosses or people with higher power have left, and im left to mop, or clean the bathrooms. After work, or on days I don't work, I go to katies at night. We have are little cuddle sessions, we play that whole married game, the her whine then gets what she wants game. Trust me she has no feelings though. So we usually watch a movie, or t.v. And adventualy ill end up rubbing her feet, which she loves, and apparently im good at. She does her reading or her homework, while I sit there doing nothing or rubbing her feat. All though it sounded boring, that's about all I want to be doing at the end of the day. It is priceless. Once 10 comes around, 30 minutes after I was suppose to leave, I go to the car, get the goodnight hug, and drive away, recently listening to Forgot About Dre, or Ride with Me by Nelly. My parents are usual watching something gay that my dad is only interested in because he is in love with my mom and whatever she wants to watch is what they watch. If my dad got his way, the only cable channels would be Discovery and History, mixed in with some movie channels. I head upstairs to spend endless hours chatting away on IM. Mostly ricky and maynard and Eric, mixed in with some random people and other friends. I watch sportsceneter every night at 11. I used to get a call from Katie every night, but that has ended, cause her grades fell from a 3.8 to a 3.75. I go to sleep not wanting to wake up to the same day.

Im not saying life is bad or no fun, but some change would be nice.

Song of the night is.......... Elton Jon - Your Song. Don't ask why I feel GAY enough

Everyone have a good night. Enjoy your day to come!


Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Its been awhile, but I have returned.........

Where to begin, where to begin?
I had a nice little Friday. Katie and I ate some lunch. We rented a movie after I got back from work, and we cuddled and watched it. My brother, and sister in law, with my nephews came. We chilled with them for awhile. Catching up on old times. Katie and I finished the movie. We had a pretty nice Saturday planed out, We would go to Home Depot, maybe bed bath and beyond, I DON'T KNOW, I DON'T KNOW IF WED HAVE TIME. Just playing, a little old school reference. So, yeah, we chilled for a long time on Friday. Then we departed for the weekend.

Saturday, what a day. We leave at 9 30, and it takes a long time to get there. There were some holdups haha Susan ;). So we finale get there, and my brother tells me we have to clean and pick up the beer. I was like CLEAN? I just got out of a 8 hour car ride. So we go and pick the beer up, meanwhile im walking around looking in book stores and got some Chinese, cause im not of age to handle beer. We go to Chrises ex apartment and "clean" We get done and, Chris and Scott went back to his place for some food. I stayed cause I was tired, and wanted to just chill and watch bball. Instead I watched Phone booth. Another not good movie that I enjoyed. The ending was tight. So that night, the party kicked off, and that's about all im going to say about that except for a women named Susan did not show up, its cool, I was disappointed. But theres always the wedding. Which im very excited for, everyone better bring there mini golf game faces. haha. So the next day, I woke up at 12. Chris and Mary made us a great Brunch, by the way they were the best hosts. TIGHT ASS pad. I definitely am a fan. They made us "FRIED" bacon, eggs, hashbrowns that were a disaster that master chef turned to amazing, and English muffins. I was definitely excited. We get on the road at about 3. We stop in Delaware to eat at Taco bell. I drive from there. 20 minutes away from home, we hit traffic, and guess what else we hit, A FUCKING CAR. I hit a car, I HIT A GOD DAMN CAR. That's not even the worst part, it was my brothers car, so now he has to pay for it. The lady, who had to be a black lady who wanted some "respect" sat there and yelled at me and cursing us. THATS always fun. Scott drove the rest of the way home, while I was about to beat the hell out of MY SELF. We got home, and all I wanted to do was watch the Nuggets game, but to end the night THEY LOST. Thanks to Boykins who let Mr. Sam bend him over. So that was my weekend.

I would just like to throw out there, that my moms comments, are sweet, but also very embarrassing, CAUSE IM 17.

I would like to send out a special thanks to Chris and Mary for being the best. Love you Mary ;)

Well, now I watching the nuggest lose, I must say im damn proud of Melo for having 4 points in the half.

IM out, Blaw


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